Practical Guide to Nikon D5100 (PDF)

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This PDF contains everything you need to know about your Nikon D5100 in a clear and concise language.

It is suitable for both own printing and reading on screen.

About the content:

Part I - Basics of Digital Photography for the Nikon D5100

An overview chart takes you through all the important processes happening inside a digital camera and each step explains how it is implemented specifically in your D5100.

Part II - All Camera Settings

A quick reference lists all settings with a brief explanation and groups them into main topics like exposure, autofocus etc.
This is the place to look at if you want to get an overview of all settings, explore their dependencies or if you are searching where to find a specific setting.

Detailed explanations and tips for each button, switch and menu form a compact but complete reference.
This is the place to look at if you want to get more in-depth knowledge and practical tips for specific settings.

Part III - Practical Handling of the D5100

One chapter summarizes the most important recommendations from part I in a single list.

The rest of the second part familiarizes you with all the camera settings in three steps to point out which ones are most relevant and to explain how they play together.

  • Easy shooting
  • The most important manual settings
  • Autofocus, exposure and flash in detail

Additional information:
Document size: 84 pages on ISO 216 (210x297 mm / 8.3 in × 11.7 in)
Formatting: Landscape with two columns, also suitable for printing in black and white
File size: 6,3 MB
ISBN: 978-3-944511-05-4

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